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Have you met all of your degree requirements?

Check to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything:

Ph.D Master’s
Minimum 48 semester hours of course work Minimum 30 semester hours of course work
Complete degree within eight years of initial registration Complete degree within five years of initial registration
Pass written comprehensive exams in Pure or Applied Math option Pass one of the written Ph.D comprehensive exams at the Master’s level
Pass oral examination Write a Master’s Thesis or complete a Master’s Project
Perform public dissertation defense Pass oral examination after completion of thesis or project
Complete computer language requirement to demonstrate programming ability Complete computer language requirement to demonstrate programming ability
Perform minimum of two semesters instructional service

More detailed information can be found here:


Ph.D. Paperwork

Doctoral Exam Report Form:

Doctoral Committee Composition Form:

Certification of Degree Requirements:


M.S. Paperwork

Master’s Comprehensive Exam or Approved Substitute Report:

Report of Approved Substitute for a Master’s Thesis:

Certification of Degree Requirements:


When scheduling your preliminary or final oral exam:

1. Reserve a room with Sara Kross ( at least a week in advance. When requesting a room for your defense, include the title and abstract of your thesis/dissertation and she will add it to the web calendar.

2. The Doctoral Exam Report form must be filled out by your committee chair at the end of each exam. (Master’s candidates use the Comprehensive Exam Report form.) These forms are kept on file in Laurie Straube’s office. Notify her a week in advance of your exam date to ensure that your form is ready for pick-up. Before the preliminary exam, Ph.D. candidates also need to fill out the Doctoral Committee Composition form (