People and Activities

People & Activities

Graduate Director: Justin Sawon (

Student Services Manager: Laurie Straube (

Graduate Mathematics Association (GMA)

Your 2018-2019 GMA representatives are:

President: Paul Kruse

Vice President: Colin Guider

Treasurer: Sam Jeralds

GPSF Senators: Jay Havaldar, Josh Kiers

Social Chairs: Gracie Conte, Yiyan Shou

T-shirts: Russell Arnold, Logan Tatham

Tea Coordinators: Gracie Conte, Sterling Swygert

GMA Visions Coordinators: Marc Besson, Claire Kiers, Ben Vadala-Roth

Director of Athletics: Andrew Ford

AWM (Association for Women in Mathematics) Chapter UNC-Chapel Hill

Your 2018-2019 AWM representatives are:

President: Katrina Morgan

Co-Vice Presidents: Tara Brennan & Bailey Merrill

Treasurer: Hannah Blinder

Secretary: Clara Schwamm


Department Activities

tea time 2  seminar   intramural sports

Tea time: A tradition in the UNC Math department, tea time is held each weekday during the academic year from 3:30-4pm. Tea, coffee and snacks are set out in the graduate student lounge. This is welcome respite from your hard studies and gives you a chance to socialize with other students.

GMA Vision Seminars: The GMA seminar is a series of weekly talks with the primary purpose of increasing the mathematical exposure of all UNC math graduate students. To this end, a good talk should strike a balance between being accessible and interesting to a variety of mathematical levels and backgrounds. Talks will typically be understood as “pure” or “applied” and may be written accordingly for the respective audience. The GMA seminar is also an excellent forum to share active research pursuits within the department. Seminar presenters are a mix of faculty members, postdocs and current graduate students.

Analysis/PDE seminars: Held Wednesday afternoons during the academic year from 4-5 pm.

Applied Math Seminars: Held Friday afternoons during the academic year from 4-5 pm. Refreshments are available from 3:30-4pm in the Math lounge.

Geometric Methods in Representation Theory Seminar: Held Friday afternoons during the academic year from 4-5 pm.

AWM Chapter outreach and social events: outreach, social and professional development events for graduate students are planned throughout the year.  Visit the AWM Chapter website for more information.

Intramural Sports: Teams are formed throughout the year based on student interest. Contact Andrew Ford ( if you are interested in creating/joining a team.